2008            PhD in Education

                                        Research: Transitions of Early Career Visual Arts Teachers

                                        University of Sydney; Australia.

2003            Master of Philosophy (transfer to PhD)

                                University of Sydney; Australia

1999            Master of Arts in Teaching

                                Southern Oregon University; USA

1995            Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts

                                California State University, Sacramento; USA

                                Major: Visual Arts    Minor: Music

Selected Teaching Experience

2019-Present    NBSC Balgowlah Boys: Piano Teacher

2015-Present    Higher School Certificate and Duke of Ed Mentor for Music

2014-Present    University of Sydney: Virtual Mode Remote Lecturer

2004-Present    University of Sydney: Associate Lecturer

 EDMT 6201/6012 Action Research Mentor (2011-19)                                  

 EDMT 5502 Teachers and Learners: School Communities (2013)

EDMT 5500 Introduction to Teaching and Learning (2011-13)

EDUF 4044 Reading & Designing Research (2008-09, 2012)     

EDMT 3072 Craft Knowledge & Professional Practice (2011, 2012)

EDUF 1018 Teachers, Teaching and Learning (2004-05, 2008-10, 2012)

EDBT 6500 Schools and Their Communities (2011)

EDUP 1001 Creative Arts (2008-09

EDDT 4001 Teaching & Learning II (2005-07)

EDDT 3024 Adolescent Development (2006)

EDBT 5653 Art Curriculum (2006)

  EDUP 1001 Creative Arts (2006)

 DUF 3002 Adolescent Development (2005)

EDUF 1019 Human Development (2004-05, 2008-09)        

2011-Present   Centre for Continuing Education, University of Sydney

                                ARTB-1-25 Art Basics

2015-2019        St Augustine’s College: Piano Teacher

1992-Present    Accredited Piano Teacher (Australian Music Examination Board)

                                Private Studio

2008, 2013        University of New South Wales / College of the Fine Arts: Associate Lecturer

                                SAED 2401 Educational Psychology

2011                  Northern Beaches Secondary College MacKellar Girls

                                Practicum, Creative Arts

2004-2015         Brookvale Public School

                                Piano Teacher

2004                  University of Sydney

                                Tertiary Supervisor

2001-03Southern Oregon University: Mentor Teacher

                                Master of Arts in Teaching

2000-03Mc Loughlin Middle School; Oregon, USA

                                Draw & Paint and Ceramics Teacher

1999-2000        Encina High School; California, USA

                                Computer Graphics and Data Processing Teacher

Associate Editor

2009-present    International Education Studies. Canadian Centre of Science and Education.

2009                The International Journal of the Arts in Society. Common Ground Publishing.

2005                The International Journal of Learning, v12.

Academic Publications

Stanley, D. (2010). Building artistic confidence. Journal of Art Education Australia, v33, Special Edition n2, pp27-34.

Stanley, D. (2009). Using arts-informed inquiry as a research approach. International Journal of the Arts in Society, v4, n2, pp21-30.

Stanley, D. (2006). Discussions on teaching as a form of art. Imaginative Education Research Group, Vancouver, Canada.

Stanley, D. (2006). Teachers are artists / artists are teachers. The International Journal of Learning, v12, n1, 8-15.

Stanley, D. & Otsuka, S. (2004). Book Review – Social Research Methods: Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches (5th Ed.) by W.L. Neuman. Change: Transformations in Education, v7, n2, 120-121.

Selected Publications

Stanley, D. (2007). An obsession with a title. The Suspicious Humanist: A Journal of the Arts and Opinion.

Stanley, D. (2004). Under the bats. SUPRA eXpress, v8, n2, 20-21. ($100 award)

Selected Artist Publications

Stanley, D. (2008). Australian Guitar, v65, 22. Digital Photography.

Stanley, D. (2007). Denise Stanley: Collages. Studio Stanley.

Stanley, D. (2007). Denise Stanley: Photography. Studio Stanley.

Stanley, D. (2007). The Suspicious Humanist: A Journal of the Arts and Opinion, 2-4.

Stanley, D. (2007). Where’s My Shadow? Uni News, v39, n16, 1.

Stanley, D. (2007). Would you like a gift such as this? The Manly Daily, November 23.

Stanley, D. (2006). People Cast Sharper Shadows. Hermes. University of Sydney Union, 29.

Stanley, D. (2006). Small Talk. The Bull, v17, 5. August 14.

Stanley, D. (2005). Tangent: Creative Works By Woman. University of Sydney Union, 37, 43 & 74.

Stanley, D. (2004). Sidewalk in Chippendale. City Weekly, 11.

Selected Research Presentations

INSEA South East Asia-Pacific Regional Congress: Views, Values & Visions in Art Education.

Building Artistic Confidence.” Melbourne, Australia. October 14-16, 2010.

Early Career Researchers. “Textbook Proposal: Hey Teacher, Who Are You?” University of Sydney. Australia. October 9, 2009.

International Conference of the Arts in Society. “Utilising Arts-Informed Inquiry as a Research Approach.” Venice, Italy. July 29-31, 2009.

Dialogues & Differences in Arts Education. “Arts-Informed Inquiry.” University of Sydney. Australia. November 23-25, 2007.

Imaginative Education Research Group. “Discussions on Teaching as a Form of Art.” Vancouver, Canada. July 11-15, 2006.

Postgraduate Education and Social Work Students Association Research Forum. “Discussions on Teaching as a Form of Art.” University of Sydney. Australia. May 25, 2006.

Teacher and Professional Development Research Into Practise Cluster. “PhD Thesis.” University of Sydney. Australia. October 27, 2005.

The Twelfth International Conference on Learning. “Artists Are Teachers / Teachers Are Artists.

Granada, Spain. July 11-14, 2005.

Teacher and Professional Development Research Into Practise Cluster. “PhD Thesis.” University of Sydney. Australia. November 4, 2004.

Postgraduate Education and Social Work Students Association Research Forum. “Teaching Is My Art Now.” University of Sydney. Australia. October 21, 2004.

Works-In-Progress Conference. “Bad Ideas.” University of Queensland. Australia. September 25-26, 2004.

Selected Community Projects

2005-PresentDirector & Creator: Studio Stanley Annual Music Recital

                                St Augustine’s College (2015-2018)

                                Artistic Piano (2014)

                                Sydney Vocal Arts Centre (2012-2013)

                                William Street Studios (2008-2011))

Sydney Opera House (2007)

                                Brookvale Public School (2006)

                                Seaforth Baptist Church (2005)

2008                    College of the Fine Arts: Sessional Staff Development Workshops,

                                University of New South Wales

2007                    Faculty of the Arts: Tutor’s Development Program,

                                University of Sydney

2004                    Consultant: United Nations

                                Dar es Salaam, Tanzania

2003-2000           Guest Lecturer: Southern Oregon University

                                Child in Our Society ED 434/534 (2003)

                                Visual Art Activities ART 424/524 (2003)

                                Special Methods ART 417/517 (2000, 2001, 2002)

2001                    Advocate: Intel Teach to the Future: Medford, OR

2001                    Hands at the Heart of Learning Conference: Portland,OR

2001                    Asset Building Conference: Medford, OR

2000                    Non-Crisis Prevention Workshop: Medford, OR

1999                    Mentor: Phoenix High School Senior Projects

1999                    Visual Arts Judging Panel Committee

                                Best of the Best Rogue Valley Art Show

1998                    Oktoberfest Art Committee Leader: Phoenix, OR

Selected Educational Memberships

International Society for Education through Art (InSEA)

Australian Institute of Art Education (AIAE)

Postgraduate Education & Social Work Student Association (PESSA)

Treasurer (2004), Publicity Coordinator (2005)

National Arts Education Association (NAEA)

Member since 1998

New South Wales Institute of Educational Research Inc. (IER)

Music Teachers’ Association of NSW (MTA)

Research Assistant

University of Sydney; Faculty of Education and Social Work, School of Policy & Practice,

Teacher and Professional Development and Research Into Practice Cluster (2003-2004)


Fulbright Memorial Fund; Japan

University of Sydney Verge Arts Festival Grant

Postgraduate Research Scholarship Scheme; Sydney, Australia

Who’s Who of American Women

Teacher Education Scholarship

Teacher’s Scholarship

Outdoor Education Scholarship

Frank Mancini Memorial

Scholarship For Music Education

Dean’s Honor List

Perfect Attendance K-12 Grades


Jega Gallery; Oregon, USA

Michael Himovitz Gallery; California, USA

Music Circus; California, USA


2016        Beach Clean-Up Day; Manly Cove, NSW

2015        Gottschalks Music, Modesto, California

2010        North Head Sanctuary; Manly NSW

2010        Andrew Blake Real Estate; Avalon NSW

2009        Manly Lagoon Festival; Manly NSW

2008        Studio 6; Manly NSW

2001-03   Sam’s Valley Elementary School; Sam’s Valley; OR

1999        Talent Middle School; Talent, OR

1999        Briscoe Elementary School; Ashland, OR

1999        Schneider Museum Children Workshops; Ashland, OR

1998        Piano Forte; Medford, OR

1996-97   Kline Music; Sacramento, California

Solo Art Exhibitions

2006        “?” Primrose Park Gallery; Cremorne, NSW

2006        “Wind Swimmers Installation” Verge Arts Festival; Sydney

2005-06   “Daily Life” Faculty of Education and Social Work; University of Sydney

2003        “Man-n-Nature” Accents Gallery; Ashland, OR

1996-97   Kline Music; Sacramento, CA

1996        Uncommon Ground; Sacramento, CA

Selected Group Art Exhibitions

2018        TAP Gallery; Surry Hills

2017        Participate Australia For Art’s Sake

2010        Complete Framing: Art Tree Group; North Manly

2010        St Patrick’s Cathedral: Invited Artist; Manly Arts Festival

2009        Safety Wolf: Invited Artist; Manly Arts Festival

2008        Oxford Art Factory: Invited Artist; Darlington

2008        Studio 6: Invited Artist; Manly

2008        Emerging Designers Exhibition: Invited Artist; Paddington

2007        Dialogues & Differences in Art Education: University of Sydney

2006        Verge Arts Festival, Isabel Fidler Room: University of Sydney

2005        Sir Herman Black Gallery: University of Sydney

2004        Modesto Valley Arts Association: Modesto, CA

2004        Sir Herman Black Gallery: University of Sydney

2004        SUPRA Acquisitive Award: Sydney College of the Arts

1998/99   Southern Oregon Fine Arts Student Art Show: Ashland, OR

1995        Hippodrome Gallery: Utah

1995        University Gallery: California State University, Sacramento

1995        Peyser Prize in Painting Student Award Exhibition:  California

1995        Joyce Witt Gallery: California State University, Sacramento

Selected Artist Awards

2006        First Place ($1000). “Analogue Girl in A Digital World” Verge Arts Festival

2006        Cash 4 Art Grant ($1000). University of Sydney Union

2005        First Place. Manly Chalkfest

2005        First Place ($500). “Daily Life” Verge Arts Festival

2004        First Place ($250). Manly Chalkfest

2004        Honourable Mention. “Red” Modesto Valley Arts Association

2004        Honourable Mention. “Blue” Modesto Valley Arts Association

1995        Peyser Prize in Painting

1995        Raymond and Joyce Witt Fellowship Artist Award