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School of Education and Social Work
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Peer-Refereed Academic Publications:

Discussions on Teaching as a Form of Art

By: Denise Stanley


While increasing numbers of teachers begin to explore approaches that are more artistic than scientific in character, shifts within postmodernism bring about new conceptualisations of how education works and what purposes teaching should serve. This article argues for a view of education that differs in fundamental ways from the positivist perspective which now prevails.

As change occurs within the scholarly community, research has strayed from emphasising generic teaching behaviours that gave currency to the “clinical information processor” label that teachers once possessed. Teachers should no longer be those who implement the prescriptions of others, but rather collaborators in the construction of knowledge (Eisner, 2002). It is this type of belief that has come to characterise a current understanding that the act of teaching might be viewed as an art form; but do teachers themselves consider their daily work a form of art?

Teachers are Artists / Artists are Teachers

By: Denise Stanley


While acknowledging the view that teachers are artists, this study looks specifically at artists who now see themselves as teachers


Graduation from the University of Sydney

PhD in Education

Arts-integrated research: The collages below tell the story of my thesis…

“Who is Meret?”

“Who is Maggie?”

“Who is Bridget?”

“Who is Marcel?”