I have developed a piano teacher training course that allows my advance students to gain confidence and acquire the skills necessary for me to feel confident in sending student referrals to such emerging teachers. I have developed this programme to not only help alleviate my personal waiting list but to also help my advance students climb the hierarchy of cognitive development and become better musicians themselves by learning how to assess the progress of others.


Jeremy Dunford

Located in Fairlight

Jeremy’s music education began in Year 3, when he began playing the Glockenspiel and singing in the school choir. His curiosity and family heirloom acoustic piano in his home quickly led him to spending several hours a day engaged with music. Jeremy has a unique skill for learning quick and efficiently and is dedicated to his practice. Now with several years of lessons and having been in a multitude of bands, Jeremy’s skills and enthusiasm earned him an invite to Dr Denise Stanley’s Piano Teacher Training Course which he graduated from in the summer of 2022. Jeremy looks forward to a long career inspiring young musicians to also successfully follow their own pursuit in music and playing the piano.

Kyle Havener Piano Associate Teacher for Denise Stanley

Kyle Havener

Located in Fairlight

Since Year 5 Kyle has been studying music. Besides having a particular focus in piano, he also plays guitar, bass guitar, violin and has a profound understanding for musical theory and technique. At NBSC Balgowlah Boys, Kyle played in the Guitar Ensemble, achieving first in his class for music. At Manly Selective, Kyle plays the piano in the Big Band and the Glockenspiel in the Wind Ensemble. He has performed on guitar and piano for several audiences both in bands and as a solo musician. In 2022, Kyle completed Dr Denise Stanley’s Piano Teacher Training Course and is now ready to extend his knowledge and enthusiasm for music to others.

Amelia Walley Associate Piano Teacher for Dr Denise Stanley

Amelia Walley

Located in Freshwater

Amelia’s music journey started in the UK when joining the choir in Year 1. Soon after this, at the age of seven, she starting playing piano and having lessons. At Stella Maris College, Amelia has been a part of the Concert Band, Jazz Band and Senior Band playing piano and percussion. She has plenty of performance experience from singing in choir at the Royal Albert Hall in London to performing piano solos and accompaniment for high school showcases. Amelia has completed Australian Music Examination Board exams and Dr Denise Stanley’s Piano Teacher Training Course.

Isaac Brighton Associate Piano Teacher for Denise Stanley

Isaac Brighton

Located in Canberra

Isaac’s music education began in Year 1 at Harbord Public Primary School attending keyboard classes after school where he immediately demonstrated flair and natural technique. He expanded his musical learning to saxophone in Year 3 and was soon being featured on both instruments in various school bands including junior, concert, orchestra, senior and jazz bands. By high school, Isaac had joined the talented Jazz Improv Band, Orchestra and Stage Bands. Currently he is studying and performing sax, keyboard and guitar.  Four years running, he has been awarded 1st in Music both at NBSC Balgowlah Boys and at MacKellar Girls in Cross Campus Music. Isaac’s awards and acknowledgements include Peer Mentoring and Peer Literacy Training through TAFE, he has completed the Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award in keyboard, he has travelled to Borneo through Camps International, been involved with the local Rotary, has been elected School Prefect and has completed Dr Denise Stanley’s Piano Teacher Training Course. After graduating top of his class in HSC Music, Isaac has relocated to Canberra to attend Australian National University.

Ben Godwin Associate Piano Teacher for Denise Stanley

Ben Godwin

No longer accepting students

Ben has several years experience studying and performing in music. He has led the keyboards for drama productions, school showcases and masses through St. Aloysius College. Additionally, he has 4 years of classical guitar training and performance. His band has played throughout Sydney and the Northern Beaches including the Loreto Music Festival. Ben is a private HSC tutor who also tutors for AtarNotes. He teaches theatresports, has completed the Duke of Edinburgh in piano as well as Dr Denise Stanley’s Piano Teacher Training Course.