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Dr Denise Stanley is a registered provider for the Creative Kids government voucher scheme. School kids get $100 off lessons!

At the Sydney Opera House

My Mom and Me

“I have always played the piano. The trumpet would probably be considered my second instrument – although I practice clarinet more often. My mom was my band director starting the summer after third grade. She filled me with confidence. We used to play in so many bands together I couldn’t even begin to list them. While I was in high school she encouraged me to explore all sorts of instruments like French Horn, Mellophone, Saxophone, Mallet Percussion – such as the vibraphone and xylophone, and even the recorder… then later the oboe! I sang in many choirs and acted in musical theatre as well. My mom showed me a world filled with music!”

Piano Lessons

Dr Denise Stanley is a highly experienced and diverse teacher who has taught hundreds of children and adults to play piano. Her qualifications include Bachelor of Arts degrees in Music and the Fine Arts from California State University, Sacramento; a Masters of Arts in Teaching from Southern Oregon University and a PhD in Education from University of Sydney. Denise is an Associate Lecturer and Supervisor at the University of Sydney who has also lectured at the University of NSW. As an accredited piano teacher of The Music Teachers’ Association of NSW, she prepares students for the Australian Music Examination Board (AMEB) and Higher School Certificate (HSC) music exams. She is the recipient of a number of Scholarships including a Fulbright Memorial Scholarship Fund, Japan; and the Frank Mancini Memorial Award for Music. She has internationally directed a number of concerts including such local venues as the Sydney Opera House, St Augustine’s College, Sydney Vocal Arts Centre and the William Street Studios. Denise is highly regarded for her ability to teach students of all ages and levels to be successful in their musical quest. She caters to the individual needs of each aspiring musician and believes that the learning process must first and foremost be fun.

In 2004, I began teaching piano on school campuses throughout the Northern Beaches of Sydney. As a teacher educator, maintaining this connection with the public and private school systems has been invaluable. All students are offered the opportunity to perform in school assemblies, soirees and at my Annual Music Recital.

Annual Music Recitals

Denise Stanley Piano Teacher 2021 Annual Recital

2021 Online Recital

2020, Online Recital

2019, NBSC Balgowlah Boys

2018, St Augustine's College

2017, St Augustine's College

2016, St Augustine's College

2015, St Augustine's College

2014, Medford, Oregon, USA

2013, Sydney Vocal Arts Centre

2012, Sydney Vocal Arts Centre

2011, Sydney Vocal Arts Centre

2010, Fairlight Folk

Featuring our students in...

Year 10 boys from Northern Beaches Christian School

Year 9 students from NSBC Balgowlah Boys

2009, Fairlight Folk


with special guests


2008, Fairlight Folk

2007, Sydney Opera House

2006, Brookvale Public School

2005, Seaforth




Joshy Rohan-Gould is awarded MUSICIAN of the MONTH at Balgowlah North Public School