Projects & Commission


My artistic skills are diverse. I have been commissioned to paint murals, create large chalk drawings, develop artworks for restaurant menus, collage and paint fine art, design ceramic tiles and build aluminium sculptures. The possibilities are infinite. Whatever the concept is, I ensure a unique and innovative result. If interested in commissioning my skills, please contact me.



“Imagine Making It Together” sold in Participate Australia’s annual 2017 For Art’s Sake auction.

Modesto, California, USA
In efforts to detour graffiti, the Gottschalk Music Center invited me to paint a mural along their large outside walls. This mural represents several of the instruments that are sold and catered to within the business.


House Murals



The bride commissioned me to paint this photograph as a first wedding anniversary gift for her husband.


Here is the living room that needed a large painting

This is the square painting that I was commissioned to ‘interpret’

My result – painted on a 2metre x 1.5 metre canvas.


Andrew Blake Real Estate invited me to paint a large mural outside their business in Avalon. As an initiative leading up to Earth Hour 2010, the concept was to create a community notice board to deliver messages for keeping ‘green’. This black notice board is a painted replica of the branded A-frame sign of Andrew Blake Real Estate.


This film clip from a music video was the inspiration behind my next commission:

This is the lady I am to paint in the above style

This is a mock-up done with the photo that I was provided

Then she coloured her hair and she was no longer blond. Being that the portrait was a surprise, this was the best updated photo he could get.

My result.


I hand-painted these metallic posters for a murder mystery 20’s themed party. The posters were then purchased by a local collector.

I spent a day on a bush hike here in Manly, where I live, taking photographs around the North Head Sanctuary in support for a special event conducted by the Manly Environment Centre. I was one of twenty invited artists who exhibited our artworks produced from that day in an exhibition at St Patrick’s Cathedral.

I attempted two new feats with this collage: First, I was the photographer of my own subject matter. I took all of the photographs in Manly and 98% of the pictures in this collage were taken on September 11, 2010, the day of the event. Second, I added paint to my photographs so that they would more easily blend together to create the over all scene.

This collage sold before it was even finished.

North Head Sanctuary – Manly, Australia


The University of Sydney Union awarded me with a grant to build 42 aluminium sculptures of local Sydney Harbour sealife. These sculptures are now on permanent display in the Holme Building pleasance at the University of Sydney.

At the opening with the buyers

I was invited to be an artist at the Manly Lagoon Festival where I was asked to paint on the subject “Manly Lagoon Life.” Below is the result. I title this work “Manly Mantis Praying for the Lagoon.” It was exhibited at Safety Wolf during the Manly Arts Festival.



This Solo Art exhibition at Primrose Park Gallery, Cremorne was 4 years in the making! Visit my GALLERY to see the works.



A British pub called The Black Sheep commissioned me to create a collage. This artwork hangs in their restaurant located in Ashland, Oregon, USA.



Friends employ me to create art for them as well! Here are some birds that I have painted on ceramic garden tiles: