Student Feedback

From: Jessica Carolin Willson []

Hi Denise,

Thank you much for all you have done for us! I’ve had a wonderful time doing this project thanks to your guidance and enthusiasm!

Many thanks,



From: Kalli Glynatsis []

Thanks so much Denise!!!
It has been a pleasure completing this study under your tutelage.



From: Victoria Rose Goldberg <>

Hi Denise, 

…This project has provided such a nice escape and i have really enjoyed working on it. Your guidance has been wonderful, and your PowerPoints have honestly made this whole process so clear and easy to understand.

…Thank you again for all of your help, i really appreciate that you agreed to continue as my mentor. Its been a pleasure.



From: Elizabeth Hsiu-tang Fung [

Hi Denise,

Thank you very much for your feedback.  All very valid points & I will take these on board as I continue my teaching career.

Thank you so much for being such an outstanding and interesting tutor and I wish you and your family all the very best.

Take care,



From: Shanley Robyn Cuthbertson []

Hi Denise,

A sincere thank you for the efforts that you put into the tutorials; I (and I know many others) have got so much out of the unit of study.  The content, delivery and passion you put in are fantastic and it’s much appreciated.



From: Emilia Sophie Welsh []

Thank you so much! 

And thank you again for a very enjoyable semester. When talking to people from other tutorials it was very clear that we were much better prepared for this assessment. The micro-teaching was extremely helpful!

Thank you again for your time.



From: Peter John Bullen []

Denise, I have just finished my final essay and I just want to tell you how much we valued your help. The information you gave us and the directions you pointed out were invaluable.

But I just don’t want to confine my thanks to just this last assignment. Your tutes have been a tonic to us, and I say us because you are so well regarded by your students. What you have taught us would suffice but the way you have done it made being one of your students an honour. Your humour, humbleness, sharp insight and generosity made those hours slip by.

Thanks again for being such a wonderful teacher. My only regret is that you don’t teach science and maths, they need help from someone like you.From: Natasha Garrety []

Hi Denise,

I just wanted to say thank you for this semester and let you know how much, as a class, we appreciated such speedy responses to our emails, and in particular, the speed in which you marked our assessments.

I wish you all the best for the future!


From: Caleb Cheong Ling Mui []

Hi Denise

Thankyou very much for your feedback and help, not only with this course but also the other MTeach subjects. I have really enjoyed the clarity in instructions and expectations as well as the engaging discussions and seminars. Thankyou for being such a supportive tutor during my MTeach studies.

I hope that we will have a chance to cross paths again professionally.




From: Azka Afzal []

Dear Denise,

Thank-you so much for all of your effort on the feedback  – it is truly appreciated. I am also thankful that you found the Appendices useful and actually took the time to read through them.  I did spend a long time collating them – in direct response to your comments earlier in the semester about your preferences for seeing work-samples and how they provide additional context for you.

I really enjoyed undertaking this project – and you are right, I created way too much work myself, in trying to cover too wide a base. However, during the process, I thought this is what everybody else was doing! ?   And I promise you once again, I was cognisant of your word limit, and my report was certainly below 8800 words. 

Whilst your feedback and help though-out the semester was appreciated; the feedback for the video was pivotal, as it cleared any misconceptions and provided a firm direction for the final report.

Thankyou again,



Feedback regarding the remote course implementation in virtual mode:

Hi Denise, 

In regards to my feelings on the virtual mode of the course… I loved it. I loved that through the course being online, I was not losing any time with my classes. Having to draft responses to the PowerPoints meant that I was actively having to engage with the content, rather than sitting passively in a classroom, taking no where near as much in. I also had the ability to go through this content when I was feeling most interested and engaged with my project, which I think really helped. In writing my report I have gone through my fortnightly responses, pulled out key words, and put them in their applicable section, ensuring that I’m covering areas and ideas that I was previously unfamiliar with. If it were not for the virtual mode this course took, I would definitely not be in this fortunate position. I’m also someone who enjoys having the ability to go back and read information when relevant, so that I clearly am aware of expectations, as I am completing work. 

Overall I really enjoyed the way this course was run, and I feel very privileged that I was lucky enough to be in this group.



Helena Lynette Opolts []

Hi Denise,

The virtual mode course was interesting for me as I had never really participated in a wholly online course before. I liked using Edmodo as I found that having all the information in one place was great. It also meant that I could communicate easily with the tutorial class and myself. I also think that it was more efficient for me to ask a question in Edmodo (that would have been applicable to all) and have you reply directly to this question, rather then sending you an email.

I found listening to the videos and writing peer reviews a great activity as I felt that I learnt more about the other presentations that if I had sat in a room listening to presentation. Feedback from others in the cohort who physically attended presentations was that most of the time they were not really listening. Watching the videos meant that I could do this in my own time, and even rewind and watch repeatedly, if needed. I certainly learnt a lot from others and will follow up on some of them.

Overall, I generally enjoyed the online mode.

Thanks for everything



Andrea Louise Gale []

Hi Denise, 

Thank you for my presentation feedback! ? 

The virtual course was a great element for a busy student. I found the video presentation a little intimidating but iMovie got me there in the end! The emailing responses made it really easy for someone like myself who is generally very shy and wouldn’t normally contribute in a classroom environment. Overall, it was a lot less stressful than anticipated! 

Sean Paul Rigby []


Hi Denise, 

As for the course, I’ve preferred the online delivery. I feel that I was able to get the information I needed when I needed it and didn’t feel disadvantaged compared to the students who were attending tutorials at uni. If anything, I feel we had an advantage over them since we had more time to dedicate to our teaching due to not having to travel to/from campus. Rather than having to sacrifice class time on Fridays, we could spread our responsibilities out over the fortnight and read/respond at a time that suited our school timetable, which was a huge plus. Overall, it was a very positive experience for me.   




Efrosine Hatzigeorgiou []

​Hi Denise,

Thank you so much for all your support and guidance during this time, it has been much appreciated! I enjoyed the online course as it allowed for constant communication and easy access to all the important documents and files we needed. Perhaps next time running some webinars may be a good idea, and those that feel they need extra support can join in and listen to your lectures. 

Thanks again!



Responses to the Online Course after the first month:


Rebecca Garden []

I have found it very positive to be able to read other people’s research proposals and their process in developing and refining their proposal and driving question. It has helped me to refine my own. It has been positive not to have to attend Uni every second Friday (especially given my school is over an 1hr from Uni!) and has meant that I have not had to miss out on teaching classes in school.

Another aspect that I have found to be working well is the weekly question feedback style, although I was late this week! In class you can often respond to question off the cuff without a lot of reflection or deep thought. Having to respond in writing to a public forum has been good at forcing me to be more reflective and thoughtful in my own responses. It also means I have been able to take the time to engage with other students responses more thoroughly. I also like that I get notifications when people post, this had meant that I am not missing notes and even if I don’t have much time I can quickly read on my mobile.


Azka Afzal []

The upshot of the virtual mode is most certainly in the time-saving – the time which would otherwise be spent travelling. Your prompt responses to posts on Edmodo are an added bonus. I have learnt a great deal from simply reading your responses to others. This is my first time on Edmodo, and I can certainly see its value for a classroom, as a supplement to collaboration inside the classroom and not in lieu of.

I am enjoying the convenience and instant gratification that is offered by being able to quickly log in and post up any concerns or questions. We do need all the extra time we can get during juggling the internship with the PRP so that is a great benefit. Also, having all the resources and information in one convenient place on Edmodo is handy and it is a really nice interface for group interaction.

At first, I felt that having this course online would leave us at a disadvantage because we wouldn’t have that face to face feedback and opportunity to ask questions on the spot. However, after the week I just had at school, I am so unbelievably happy that we have the opportunity to respond and reply virtually. I just completed my first full first week of teaching with a very tough 5/6 composite class. Lots of behaviour management, lots of class management and a full on week of planning so that I made sure learning was significant to them. Right now, being able to reply online is such a positive and a relief and actually a way for me to reflect on my own teaching time. I’m finding having to focus on teaching and also the research project quite exhausting, however I do see the relevance and importance in what we are doing. Therefore having a virtual platform to work from is encouraging as I feel supported all the time and not just ‘every second Friday’.

Furthermore, I enjoyed having the opportunity to connect on Edmodo and actually sit and read what other people are researching. Sometimes these little details are not heard or noticed during tutorials or seminar time and we miss ideas that trigger our own. Having the opportunity to connect and interact at any time of any day is great as it opens up a space for self reflection and formative feedback during the RRP writing process. For example, with my proposal it took me a while to decide on what I wanted to conduct my research on. After writing down my own ideas I had a further look at what people were doing online and what was happening in my classroom and more ideas started to flow. I eventually put my ideas on Edmodo, to get your feedback and feedback from peers, and although this wasn’t given immediately I actually found it beneficial articulating my ideas in an open forum. It somehow put my project into perspective and got me motivated.


Andrea Louise Gale []

The virtual mode of this course has been working wonders for me! When I first heard that we would have class fortnightly on a Friday 1pm-3pm, I was really upset I would have to miss the majority of my day teaching just to travel into university. Now, I am able to stay at school longer and teach both my year 7 and year 8 classes. It is amazing how quickly you become attached to your classes! I am also extremely grateful as I work five minutes from my school. Not travelling into university allows me to go straight to work on a Friday and study there until I start later in the evening. It is an incredibly productive place to study!

Whilst I am yet to use Edmodo to its full potential, I can definitely see its positive features. I like having access to everyone’s questions and answers, as I am not one to normally ask them. However through this virtual mode, I feel more confident that I would ask questions when needed. Blackboard and Edmodo also make resources easily accessible and available at any point unlike having to wait until the fortnightly class. On this note, I really appreciate how quickly it is to get a response from you, Denise, if I have an issue. Finally, the online aspect of our meetings allows me to create my responses earlier in the week when I am able to function better and not be bogged down by lesson plans that I haven’t sorted on the weekend. I could not be happier for being included in this group!

As a person who is constantly attached to some sort of device, the virtual mode aspect of this course is very appealing for me. I’m finding it easy to check in to Edmodo and enjoy that I can do this in my own time. I also find it useful that I can go back and review responses to other people’s questions after I have read them previously. The resources you have posted, Denise, were extremely useful for my proposal. Also, I believe my ability to go back and peruse these when I found them relevant was a key reason my proposal was successful. As someone who has never fully grasped blackboard, I am finding Edmodo easy and almost familiar to use. 

I am also very thankful, due to the virtual nature this course has taken, that I do not have to miss school every second Friday. I would have to miss my Year 7 class, who I really enjoy teaching, every second Friday if this course was not undertaken online. I am also able to work Friday evenings, which is a large bonus as it allows me the luxury of having a weekend day off to prepare and regroup for the following week. Also, I imagine having the ability to submit my responses at my leisure throughout the week will result in more meaningful responses, which I believe will positively impact my project. Overall I am extremely happy with the virtual route this course has led me through, and am very thankful that I was assigned to this group.


From: Jessica Wingsee Chu []

The virtual mode using Edmodo has been very helpful as I have been able to share my ideas, receive feedback and gain insight into other students’ ideas.   I initially struggled to think of ways to triangulate my data, but seeing how others’ were triangulating their data provided me with new perspectives and knowledge.   The articles on engagement were particularly useful as I was unsure how to measure engagement, given it is so ambiguous and difficult to quantify.   I noticed that there are other students focusing on increasing engagement by the use of blogs, cooperative learning and music/play.  It’s great to see that others are using different techniques and giving me ideas about what I can also implement in my classroom.

Responding by email also allows me to articulate my thoughts better as I am given time to think and reflect on what I want to share.   Not having to travel to and from university is also working well for me as I can utilise this time to do more teaching at school and work on my research project. 


Helena Lynette Opolts []

In general, the virtual mode aspect of this tutorial has been working for me. I was already a big supporter of using Edmodo, as it is currently used in my internship classroom. As a communication tool between both teacher/student and student/student, Edmodo enhances class communication outside of school hours. In my prior career (I am a career-changer), I also had to collaborate on projects with other people located globally outside Australia, and hence, I am already familiar with working in a virtual mode.

Working in virtual mode, enables me to participate fully in the five-day school week, rather than having to come into Sydney University for a fortnightly tutorial. I also appreciate the flexibility that a virtual mode provides. The class timetable changes weekly, and, the lack of a physical fortnightly tutorial, enables me to easily work within this timetable when negotiating my teaching hours with my mentor teacher.